Why a 4 point home inspection?

If your insurer has requested this inspection report, you need to know that this is not a home inspection. It is a survey of the roof, electrical, heating & A/C, and plumbing. Chances are, if the home you are buying is over 40 years old, you may need this report. If you schedule for the same time as another home inspection you’ll receive a discount. The purpose of the four point inspection is to discover the condition and age of the 4 major systems of the home in order to determine the level of risk or liability for insurance purposes. The older the home, the higher the chance of having a fire from rotted wiring or water damage from plumbing or air conditioning related issues. It is generally assumed by insurance companies that these types of problems will not occur as often in newer homes.

Why Aim Home Inspections?

We are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau with a perfect record.
Realtors: Why risk your reputation by doing business with a company that doesn’t know the ins and outs of home construction and the latest codes?
Home Buyers: You have so much to lose if you do not receive the absolute best home inspections possible.  Why risk a home inspection from someone who is less qualified?
Home Sellers: You want to know about problems with your property before it goes on the market and before we come to do an inspection for a home buyer!
You also gain more trust when you can say your home was inspected by a Florida Certified General Contractor.
We use methods that our competition doesn’t to ensure that your home inspection is more thorough and less costly than any other Florida home inspection services.