The industrial manufacturing industry may not be the first industry you think of when you are searching for interesting and sought-after content. Industrial manufacturers themselves might be the first to admit their line of work is niche and not always of wide interest to the general public – however we here at IGRI (Industrial Goods Review and Inspection) make it a truly entertaining and engaging experience. We make sure at what we post in our blog section will be a worthwhile read for you.

IGRIĀ is first and foremost, an industrial marketing and consulting company based in Pasadena. We help manufacturers, distributors and engineering companies grow their sales with effective industrial marketing. Since our foundation, we have focused on providing results-driven marketing to meet the unique challenges of marketing industrial products and engineering services.

If you are looking for an industrial marketing company that understands your technical business, is knowledgeable about an engineering audience and who will take an ownership approach to your marketing projects, we invite you to partner with IGRI and experience a real difference.