Why Choose Us

There are many reasons why you would want a Home Inspection.  They differ slightly, depending on which role you are performing in the sale of a house:

  • Home Buyer
    • This is fairly obvious, it’s a “buyer beware” world and a home is probably the biggest investment of your life.  Why risk it?
    • You want to know about absolutely every single problem with a house and the property.
    • You want an experienced local to provide your Florida Home Inspection.
      • In Florida, the location of your home can mean the difference between the total destruction of your home in a hurricane or having a safe haven for you and your family or business.
    • You want a Florida certified general contractor to perform your home inspection because we know more about home inspection than the others.
  • Home Seller
    • You need to know about problems, large and small before the buyer does their inspection.
    • Gain creditability by using a licensed contractor to do your Home Inspection.
      • This shows you go above and beyond what the law requires when adding quality to your product.
      • They don’t have to know it didn’t cost extra!
  • Realtors
    • Build trust with buyers and sellers by offering a superior service
    • Can the other Realtors say their Home Inspections are done by a licensed contractor?
    • Gain a leg up in liability issues.
    • We understand your difficult schedules!
    • Clients don’t have to know that you didn’t pay extra for a better inspection!